About Me:


For about 18 years, photography has been one of my favourite hobbies. Whenever I have the opportunity, I use the time to make some shots. Over the years maritime photography and nature photography has evolved more and more so these are my main focus today. Nevertheless I'm always open to new topics and try to differ in my portfolio, so that there's some flexibility in it.

During my "tours" within a year, I try to visit different so-called "spotting points" - places where you can observe and photograph ships - so that the motives as well as the viewing angles and the background of the pictures can also provide a certain degree of flexibility.

I try to do regular updates whenever time allows it. Please keep in mind, that the pictures are not uploaded in original quality - for different reasons. If you are interested in photos of better quality I would like to refer to my contact data under the impressum. Over there it is also possible to add missing / incorrect data to the ships. Many Thanks!


I hope that you enjoy the pictures which you will find on this site and hope you feel free to visit it regularly again!


Malte Kopfer 2023